Until July of 2017, PERC had only one president and CEO: Roy Willis. In 1998, Willis assumed the leadership of the nascent organization. Under his guidance, the council produced public education campaigns; safety and training programs; and a research and development portfolio that has helped incubate and commercialize a wide array of clean, efficient propane-powered vehicles, appliances and equipment. Many of PERC’s safety and training programs are used by fire departments and propane marketers around the country. Willis’ leadership also brought about strong PERC partnerships with leading manufacturers, fueling new propane technology for the industry. Willis saw the organization through the restriction on its consumer education activities, which lasted from 2009-15, as well as a pair of reviews by the U.S. Government Accountability Office. He advised on consumer education campaigns, including the Energy Guys and Blue the Dog programs, and became a consistent spokesman for propane in the media, with energy officials and at conferences and other gatherings. Willis was the founding chairman of the Global Technology Network in the World LPG Association (WLPGA) and a longstanding member of the WLPGA Industry Council. His commitment to collaborating with global, national and state propane associations shaped PERC’s direction from the beginning – and still today. A Texas native who grew up in Louisiana, Willis, 67, retired earlier this year and now resides in St. Augustine, Florida.