Over the course of Weidie’s 26 years in propane, the president and CEO of Blossman Gas has become one of the most forward-thinking retailers in the industry. He is a vocal advocate for industry advancement who is committed to promoting the overall benefits of propane. He was an outspoken leader in the industry’s adoption of autogas in the early 2000s and has aided in the development of new technology for the industry. In 2009, Weidie founded Alliance AutoGas, a nationwide network composed of over 120 propane marketers and conversion centers. Alliance AutoGas is now the largest autogas entity in the United States. Weidie also established Autogas for America, an organization dedicated to giving a unified voice to the autogas industry. Under Weidie’s leadership, Blossman Services, a subsidiary of Mississippi-based Blossman Gas, became a distributor for autogas products and conversion systems. Additionally, Weidie has made significant contributions to NPGA and PERC. He served as NPGA chairman in 2016 and has also held other officer positions, including treasurer, for the association. He has been a part of many NPGA task forces, including autogas, energy policy, and regulation and compliance, and has been an advocate for enhanced legislative efforts through NPGA. He also chaired the Research and Development Advisory Committee at PERC for 10 years and led the funding and development of new technologies. Weidie has also contributed to a number of state associations. Weidie, 52, was raised in Ocean Springs, Mississippi, and currently resides in Asheville, North Carolina.